The Golden Nugget aims to be the premier market for antiques, art and collectibles anywhere.
We ask our vendors and customers to help us achieve this goal by observing a few basic rules:

Vendors who place merchandise on tables other than their assigned space will be charged.

No one is permitted to leave any discarded merchandise, cartons, boxes or debris of any kind. These must be removed from the Market in your own vehicles. Each Vendor is required to keep his/her own area clean. Vendors who leave garbage will be subject to a surcharge of $25 and/or refusal of future set up.

No one is permitted to move market tables. All vendors must return any moved table back in line with the other tables, regardless of who moved it. No Vendor shall affix or attach anything to a table.

Every Vendor must, upon request, furnish his/her name, address and telephone number.

No one is permitted to sell any ready-to-eat items that are in direct competition with the two on-site restaurants (coffee and other beverages, sandwiches, hot dogs, etc.).

Merchandise must be kept in the spirit of antiques and collectibles. Vendors with new or unrelated items need to see a manager for permission to set up and/or obtain a space assignment.

No pets allowed without the express permission of management.

There is no subletting of spaces to other Vendors.

Management reserves the right to designate the size and placement of permitted vehicles and tables and the manner in which anything is displayed.

Management reserves the right to refuse rental to any persons it deems necessary, especially for the sale of certain items which are expressly prohibited: soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, explosives, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, illegal copied, counterfeit or stolen items or any item of pornographic or obscene nature. Management will not permit the sale of any items it believes to be generally offensive, or in any way derisive, including icons of hate speech.

The Market reserves the right to move, cancel, assign or use any Vendor space at its discretion without cause.

All Vendors (indoor and outdoor) shall conduct themselves in a professional, courteous manner and show due consideration and respect towards all patrons of the Market, including other vendors and tenants, contractors, Market’s employees, or other invitees of the Market. Behaving in loud and obnoxious ways, disturbing or threatening the rights, comfort, health, safety or convenience of others or engaging in lewd, disrespectful or discriminatory behavior or language shall not be tolerated and may be cause for Vendor’s immediate termination at the Market.

The above rules are subject to change at any time.

The acceptance and rental of space at the Market by Vendor constitutes a complete release by Vendor of Owner’s liability from all claims for injury and damage to persons and property arising out of, or in anyway related to, Vendor’s use of the premises, injuries caused by others or injury to persons entering these premises or damage or loss due to fire, theft, breakage or collision, or articles left in dealers vehicles or on the premises, including all costs, expenses and attorney’s fees incurred by Owner in connection with any such claims.