Improvements continue – ground grading phase will continue on the North Side
of the market on or around November 21.

It will be necessary to close table rentals on the North Side for a short period of time. All vendors will have the opportunity to sell on the South Side during this time. Vendors can consult the “Grounds Layout” map to pick a spot to sell on the South Side. Please call the office with any questions.


The Great Treasure Hunt

River Towns Magazine

Fall 2022

From pottery to pewter, gemstones to glassware and eclectic to ephemeral, Golden Nugget Antique Flea Market offers a shopping adventure with a whole lot of quirky.

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Video Gallery - *NEW Videos Posted*

Several vendors and shoppers frequent the Golden Nugget Flea Market and record their findings and treasures. Check out the new videos posted. The video gallery is under the "About" menu.

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